7:30PM – Ellen Tipper & Marie Moreshead – celebrating both of their newly released albums


The Mezcalitos are an acoustic Western Swing band from Portland, Maine. They wrangle up everything from Bob Wills and Dan Hicks to Hank Snow and Wynonie Harris. “We like to get people dancing and have a good time”, says lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Tom Whitehead.

Tom was born in Maine, but grew up on the plains of South Dakota. He was introduced to Rocky Mountain Oysters at a branding party at the tender age of five, and ate his first lobster the following summer…he is a real Down East Cowboy. When not yodeling on the bowsprit of a schooner, you can see him playing piano in The Fogcutters Big Band.

Jon Cooper – dobro, mandolin and fiddle, has been playing since he was able to sneak into clubs with a false mustache. When he isn’t building violins at Acoustic Artisans or having lunch at Norm’s, he can be seen fishing out on Casco Bay.

Hayes Porterfield – percussion and vocals, left Arkansas when the local boys said he was too skinny to be a “Real Redneck”. He studied jazz in Texas, but was forced to leave after eating too much Chicken Fried Steak. He can often be seen riding his bicycle across the Casco Bay Bridge, humming softly to himself in the middle of a blizzard.

Sam Goodall – fiddle, spent her early years as a trapeze artist in a Swedish Traveling Circus. After too many years above the Arctic Circle, she worked her way to Maine on a herring boat and learned her first fiddle tunes from the chief engineer, Ole Polle Knudson, a distant relative of Bob Wills. She can often be found hiking in rural New Hampshire with clay under her fingernails.

John Clark – upright bass, was conceived in the back of a VW bus, on a southern California beach. He is consequently deeply moved whenever he smells sex wax and hears “Surfer Girl” at the same time. Ceramicist, poet, and philosopher, John can often be found luring around the Incredibly Strange Films section at Videoport.

Tanya T. Whiton – vocalist, is a real honest to goodness Sweetheart of the Rodeo. She heard her first Country Music on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific. The mighty roar of the jet engines may have contributed to her early forays into the Punk music scene. If she isn’t whooping it up at the Oxford County Racetrack (she loves the destruction derby), she might be found sipping a Highball down at Jays Oyster Bar with some Tammy Wynett on the jukebox.

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