THE CANGELOSI CARDS (Saturday, 2/26 – TWO SHOWS – 5-7pm & 9-11pm)
The Cangelosi Cards are a working jazz band. Established and based in  New York City, the group is comprised of a talented group of young  musicians from varied backgrounds in jazz, bluegrass, and folk music. 
“The Cards are full of surprises: no performance is predictable, although there is none of that irritating seeking-after-novelty that distinguishes lesser groups. You’ll hear a persuasive, irresistible swing that gives way to tender ballad playing, in their characteristically varied repertoire — hinting at Billie Holiday and Jimmie Rodgers, to mention only two names. Tamar’s voice is, as always, a delight – and in this form, I can hear textures that a club audience might have over-ridden. She sings sweetly, growls the blues, becomes her own trumpet / hi-hat cymbal, and yodels — her focused but expansive vocal instrument responding to every nuance of the music. And I truly admire the witty trombone playing of Musselman, Lichtman’s fluent clarinet and eloquent mandolin work, Milius’s forceful harmonica solos, Meyer’s perfectly poised violin playing, Sanders’ solid rhythm playing and eloquent lines, Holden’s deep-down bass support, and Webster’s nimble, searching piano.”
TICKETS ARE $20 – Call 774-4111 and leave a message or stop by Blue!


THE BLUE WINE AND CHEESE CLUB (the fourth Tuesday of every month – 6 to 8PM)
Taste and learn about 6 different wines & 3 cheeses.  Receive discounts on wine for a month, by being a part of the club.
TICKETS ARE $30 – call 774-4111 and leave a message or stop by Blue to reserve your spot.

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