8PM: Simons & Goodwin – Simons and Goodwin cover all forms of Americana music including soft rock, country, blues,  pop standards and, of course, both traditional and contemporary folk.  A Simons and Goodwin performance is always unpredictable in terms of  the set list,  always keeping the audience on its toes and anticipating  the next song.  The predictable part of  each performance is the tightness that comes from years of friendship and beautiful,  intricate harmonies.

10PM: Samuel James & Dana Gross


Take the songwriting of Bill Withers and Tom Waits. Now combine that with the soul power and energy of James Brown. And the charisma of P.T. Barnum. Enter in the guitar playing of Leo Kotke and you’re starting to get an idea of what Samuel James is all about.

The last of the great, black, American troubadours, Samuel James is a performer of stunning singularity. He has irreversibly changed what it means to be a solo act. Unfortunately for the reader he is unique to the point of non-comparison. I mean, seriously, he’s been called, “…the Guardian of Lightning,” by Rolling Stone, France. That’s pretty serious, right? He has mastered the guitar, piano, harmonica, and banjo. Yup, even the banjo.

His performances have received standing ovations in the United States from coast to coast as well as England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and Poland. And Canada. He challenges you not to. It only counts if you come to the show. He will move you from your feet all the way to your heart.


Drawing on the wealth of music stored in the hills of Appalachia and the Mississippi Delta, and based out of Portland, Maine, D. Gross creates lyrical songs rich in earth imagery, heart, and struggle. Performing since the tender age of 12, Dana has refined his intention and ability, entertaining crowds from Maine to The Carolinas, and most places in between. Bringing the roots to life, and creating new shoots, D. Gross crafts modern music for the ages…

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