Elizabeth Lorrey at 8PM &  Jose Ayerve at 10PM

Jose Ayerve is a musician, songwriter, producer, and engineer who works with several bands in various capacities, while fronting his own group, SPOUSE.  His unique “feather smooth/sandpaper rough” voice makes his collaborations as a backing vocalist rather noticeable.  Ayerve grew up in New England and currently hails from Portland, Maine.  In addition to managing a solo career and a side project (The Nuclear Waste Management Club), he is also a touring member of the Pernice Brothers.  Ayerve was born in Colombia but has lived in the United States since the mid 1970’s.

Elizabeth Lorrey crafts a dark blend of edgy, intense acoustic rock. Slow-cooked, finely seasoned, with a hint of Suzanne Vega simmering in The Cure.

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