The story of the band begins in the spring of 2009. Seth Doyle, Tyler Lienhardt, and Nick Wallace, three long-time friends from Gorham, Maine, sought to turn backporch jam sessions and local street corner busking into a means of traveling the country. They spent a sleepless night recording a homemade album of Old-Time tunes, and when it came time to stamp a name on the CD, Tricky Britches was born. Then something unexpected happened. The weekend before the boys set out, they happened to be jamming in their usual spot on the cobblestones of Portland’s Wharf Street. By chance, Seth’s roommate, Jed Bresette, stopped by with his banjo and jumped in. They played a handful of standards together, and marveled at this new sound. The instruments blended into one oncoming machine, and their harmonies echoed down the red brick walls of the Old Port. All the old fiddle tunes, country songs, and bluegrass melodies took on a life of their own, and before they knew it, an eager crowd had gathered round. Two days later, Jed quit his job painting houses, and the four of them hit the road the next morning. For a month they traveled. Playing by day, and camping by night, the boys sharpened their sound constantly, taking bits and pieces from their journey through the country and channeling it into their music. They nearly collapsed a house playing a Kentucky college party, sought shelter from the hail in a bar in Austin, Texas, which turned into a gig on the spot, and entertained a rowdy barful of drunken four-wheelers with ACDC covers in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The four friends were hooked, and they knew there was no going back now. Since then, Tricky Britches has recorded a new 12 track EP, Hop on a Train, at Portland’s own Acadia Recording Company. In the summer of 2010 the boys successfully toured thirteen countries in Europe, over the course of three and a half months. With festivals and venues overseas awaiting their return next summer, they are currently recording their second album in good ol’ Portland, Maine.

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