Bob Rasero grew up in New Rochelle, New York. At age ten he inherited his grandfathers Gibson archtop guitar and taught himself how to play it. His early emulations included Clapton, Hendrix, Buchanan, and BB King. It wasnt long before Bob started to gravitate toward his comfort zone – writing songs, playing them with his own bands, and going his own way with his music. His first bands (Buckeye, After Taxes, Canyon) worked the New York areas clubs as well as parties, dances, and weddings. It wasnt until Bob hooked up with the legendary Coco and The Incredible Squirt Band in 1976 that he found his niche as a songwriter. The country rock and the irreverent humor of Squirt was the perfect breeding ground for a host of new songs. For thirteen years they rocked the clubs and gave the crowds laughter cramps. In consecutive years they were finalists in the Marlboro Country Music Showcase held at NYCs famous Bottom Line. In 1988, he joined forces with the Bergers With Mayo band, which included Loft Recording Studios Al and Ted Hemberger, as well as Bobs old high school buddy Bob Mayo (of Peter Frampton fame.) The writing and gigging went well, but in 1990, Rasero moved to Portland, Maine and soon after created The Renovators by teaming up with local Maine musicians. Reluctant to end his successful collaborations, he regularly commuted from Maine to New York to keep his roots alive. Eventually, the New York lineup of the Renovators became a successful performing and recording group, producing four dynamic albums from 1996 to 2003. Their fan base is widespread and loyal, and the band occasionally can be heard on TVs All My Children and The Young And The Restless. In the spring of 2004, Bob released Behind The Wheel, a soulful solo album which gets steady play on Portland radio. November 2005 brings his release of SMOOTH BLUES, a 16 song instrumental package of laid back soulful arrangements of Renovator classics and new tunes designed to be the perfect background for home cookin and hanging out. Bob is a one guitar man, a 1953 Fender Telecaster, and has been for thirty years. The only other serious instrument is a copy that he made himself from scratch . He continues to write songs and play live performances in both the New York and Portland areas.


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