“Delicate acoustic harmonies and lighthearted romanticism define the sound of Andrea Paquin’s latest release. On Listen, the folk singer glides through an array of intimate, poppy anthems with breezy sensibility. Taking influences from alternative artists Indigo Girls and Kate Bush, Paquin’s simple folk arrangements would be at home with the Lilith Fair generation of musicians.
From the album’s onset, Paquin tugs at the heartstrings of her listeners and the rich, cozy humility of her voice goes down like red wine over good conversation. Opening the album, the soft-spoken ambiance of “I’m Not Going Back” brings about nostalgia of peering out the kitchen window on a blustery evening. On the up-tempo “Letting You Go,” soft murmurs of accordion mingle with gritty banjo into an Appalachian bluegrass swing. Though most of Listen is laced with sweet-tempered warmth, edgier timbres come through in the electric guitar swells of “Leader” and lyrical sarcasm of “Money”: “Let me be the one to shelf / The weight of money that we don’t have / You can keep it all and go to hell.” The dreary protest march of “Freedom” provides haunting counter harmonies on violin and Santana-style guitar licks.
The pop candor of Listen maintains strong personality and soul, making it a worthwhile album for any nu-folk music listener.”  (Nathalie Levey – NPM)


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