7pm – TRAVIS CYR: “Travis Cyr and The Strings Of Calamity play “Acousta-Funky-Folk-Grass” …or…Cerebral Folk Music. Whatever you call it, the music is a genuine reflection of the land they live. Quiet, gentle and peaceful, yet vast, dark and strong. Combining vividly honest and poetic lyrics with aggressive, fast paced acoustic guitar work, these songs break a LOT of strings! He stilll loves Jim Henson, listening to vinyl, playing in the garden and stinking like earth. He also like’s long walks on the beach… His latest album, 2009’s “tiny music” is being enjoyed by everyone who has it, please do check it out. Travis plays shows throughout the great state of Maine and confusion. For more info… www.myspace.com/travcyr or find him on the facebook.” …Travis is also the Founder and Organizer of the AROOTSAKOOSTIK music festival…Please check it out at…. www.myspace.com/amusicfest.

8pm – DARK HOLLOW BOTTLING COMPANY: The music of Dark Hollow Bottling Company can be loosely classified as Americana; fusing bluegrass, rockabilly, folk, rock and pop music. They are a living example of the American melting pot. A journey along a road of our collective culture.

Dark Hollow Bottling Company is born of this journey. Five guys with some good tales to tell. Songs with roots that’ll make your soul stomp the floorboards in double time. Children will smile, grown men will howl and the ladies will swoon.

10pm – OKBARI with BELLY DANCERS: Okbari ┬ápresents music from the richly varied contemporary and historic cultural traditions of the Middle East including Ottoman Turkish Classical compositions, rural Turkish folk and devotional songs, Arabic classical and folk music, and dance music from the Armenian and Turkish immigrant diasporas. Okbari will be joined by belly dancers from The Maine Belly Dance Studio.


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