“A stellar guitar player and a dynamic performer.” – Terence Martin, award-winning songwriter

“Patti DeRosa has an accessible and engaging way with her audience. She has an ear for a good story and lyrics that express how real people think and feel.” – Lisa Moscatiello, performing artist

“Sublime and transcendent music making on every level imaginable: intelligent, warm, insightful and stimulating musicality, speaking to the heart, mind and soul with passion, humanity and warmth.”

– Vincent Cortese, musician and author of “Roy Smeck: The Wizard of The Strings in His Life and Times”.

“Her CD ‘Paradise’ is a celebratory collection of songs… Patti D has an enchanting way of drawing the listener in and connecting with the human spirit…Her bluesy, sultry voice is like icing on the cake…” – Monica Yonge, indieguitarists.com

“She breaks out of her straight folk box and lets herself swing with smooth vocals made for the blues, easing naturally into the groove like melted butter… like a cool drink on a hot summer’s night.” –  Kevan Breitinger, Indie-Music.com

“Her voice has a jazzy pop feel and is well supported by her accomplished guitar accompaniment.

She incorporates various musical forms in her writing and is at home with a jazzy or bluesy style which suits her singing and playing perfectly!”

– Ellen Schmidt, performer and coffeehouse host


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