JOHN CRAIGE (San Francisco, CA) and  LEIGH JONES (NYC) join local, JUSTIN LANTRIP for an evening of music…

JOHN CRAIGIE (San Francisco, CA): Before open mics, before showcase slots, and before the hype, there was the traveling folk singer. Woody Guthrie, Ramblin Jack, Leadbelly, and others traveled the country armed with nothing but a guitar and a head full of songs. And while the tradition has long been shadowed by the ever growing music industry, the folk singer is still out there. John Craigie is one. Doing his best to keep the tradition alive, he travels from town to town, telling stories and singing songs. Some nights to a crowded house, some nights for two people. His songs and stories cover the spectrum of human emotion. Some funny, some sad, some bitter and some sweet. With his roots style, Craigie has been gaining a cult following throughout the country. Despite the lack of any of the tools of the modern aggressively popular musician, his music continues to spread.

JUSTIN LANTRIP (Portland, ME): “I Am My Will” has eleven original tracks by Lantrip, all showcasing his astounding vocal range, his prowess on the guitar, his ability to write songs with meaning.

LEIGH JONES (Brooklyn, NY) : She has had the itch to write songs most of her life, but it wasn’t until she received a ukulele as a Christmas gift in 2009 that she, at long last, began composing in earnest. Leigh grew up in North Carolina, performing in local theatre whenever she had the chance, and eventually went on to earn a Drama degree from NYU’s Tisch School. Her music evokes the spirit of the city in which she has lived all her adult life, while allowing her southern roots to shine gloriously through. Drawing inspiration from such artists as Neko Case, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Joanna Newsom, and so many of her peers, Leigh performs with the theatricality of a trained actor while her simultaneously sweet and dynamic melodies capture the soulfulness that is at the core of her songwriting.



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