Emma Walsh & Chuck Donnelly are an Irish fiddle/guitar duo from Maine who play a blend of

Irish, Scottish, and Old Time dance music and songs. At age 15, Emma Walsh is already a

local favorite and musical sensation.  Although playing traditional music is a serious passion

for Emma, she continues her classical training while performing regularly with guitar player

Chuck Donnelly. Chuck, has been performing live for over a decade with his musical roots

firmly in the traditional Celtic and Old-time music scene. Chuck and has recorded three

albums most recently, “Fresh Celtic” with Emma. Emma and Chuck’s performances are filled

with high-energy and musical creativity.  Their music is firmly rooted in the traditions; however,

their approach is new and fresh. In concert, many musical influences converge and are

transformed into their distinctive style that is brilliantly executed and fun to listen… they’re also

just a lot of fun to watch!  Emma’s powerful fiddle playing entwines with Chuck’s percussive

rhythms and flat-picked melodies making for an evening  of music that one might expect to

hear in any pub or on any stage in Ireland or Scotland. In Ireland and Scotland, the pub is a

gathering place for the community. Inside the pub, late night music sessions keep the energy

and spirits of the towns folk high and the atmosphere fun; people socialize, enjoy the music,

dance, and have a warm gathering place with good company.  This evening expect to be

taken on a musical tour from the old country to modern day downeast Maine. For more

information about Emma and Chuck visit www.chuckdonnelly.com .

Wednesday October 19 – Christine Cooper

Wednesday October 26 – Nicole Rabata


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