JOHN COLVERT ( John Colvert’s song lyrics are sparse but the stories speak a truth that is impossible to ignore. The core of his songs are derived from his own personal loves and tragedies; combined with his spirited imagination, the sum equals unforgettable story songs that bring the listener along for the drive on Colvert’s musical journey.


SAM OTIS HILL (  Sam Otis Hill is a Boston-based singer-songwriter influenced by 60’s soul, Texas outlaw country, and folk music.


PATRICK COMAN ( Patrick Coman is an artist of two minds. On one hand, he is a southern bred Oklahoma native and former Nashville resident with a record collection heavy on American roots music, rural blues, and Hank Williams albums. On the other, he is a man of the world who made his bones as a solo artist in the gritty German capital of Berlin before returning to the United States and immersing himself in Boston’s growing Americana scene.


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