Live music to benefit the arts in Portland’s Public Schools!  Performances by Connor Garvey, Gunther Brown & Lisa Redfern

Oil and Staff is a Boston-based nonprofit charity organization dedicated to raising money in support of the arts in public schools. OSF organizes events in which artists showcase their talents for the community while raising money for arts education.

Before each event, OSF identifies public schools in need of art supplies (musical equipment, theatre costumes, etc.) and works with community members to coordinate event-based fundraising. OSF connects local artists willing to donate their time and art to venues willing to host their efforts. The proceeds from each event are donated quickly and locally, so that artists, community members, and school districts can see the direct link between today’s local art and that of tomorrow. OSF is entirely volunteer run, and 100% of all donations and event fees directly support arts programs in the communities in which events are held.

OSF partners with a wide variety of businesses, artists, organizations, and school systems, and seeks to build ties between these partners so that as OSF steps back, collaboration, communication, and charity continue to exist among them.


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