“It’s jump jazz, it’s barroom rock, it’s chamber folk, and it’s downright infectious.”The Boston Globe
“There’s a moment or two on Never Before that make Norah Jones look crude and belligerent by comparison.”
Weekly Dig

A trail of tenor saxophone, bassoon and cello led Laura Grill to her most personal instrument, her voice… Grill found her voice at the New England Conservatory. Amongst the crowd of conservatory musicians Laura assembled her eclectic band of James Wylie (Clarinet, Melodica), Matt Consul (Viola, Violin, Mandolin), Will Graefe (Electric Guitar) and Brad Barrett (Bass, Cello).
Although clearly infused with Jazz and Classical sensibilities the Laura Grill Band sound is undeniably folk. Reflective lyrics are combined with tastes of chamber music, improvisation and four part harmonies to create a sound that is all her own.


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