Michael Krapovicky was born in Brunswick, Maine; and has been interested in music since his mother let him strum chords on her auto-harp. After playing in informal projects throughout high school and college, Michael set out to make a career in the music industry. He played in the band Zook’s Brew; a band whose noted achievements included being nominated in the Portland Phoenix as best new act, and warming up the crowd for Little Feat with acoustic rock and four-part harmony. Musicians and fans offered encouragement and criticism, and Michael began to grow out of the role of sideman and backup vocalist to taking the occasional lead in the band the Grumps, which included former Zook’s alum Eric Bauer on percussion. Michael also developed songwriting tools from based on lessons and conversations with local heroes such as Tyne Sansom, Bill West, Danica Vukovic, and Ryan Halliburton. Concise, slick lyrics combined with interesting arrangements continue to be Krapovicky’s goal as he continues to create and distribute music all over the globehttp://www.myspace.com/krapovicky


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