“When Vince Nez takes the stage, he certainly does a lot of defying. With a warbly, at times screechy, yet somehow soothing voice, he defies the conventions of what a vocalist should sound like. With a vast instrumental repertoire, he is constantly defying his own arrangements. And with an expanse of material, but very few formal releases, Nez continues to defy the conventions of the music industry. Despite being a poster child for the under-appreciated side of Portland musicians, Nez appeared as part of the Treble Treble project last fall — a book and compilation album about some of Portland’s less-publicized artists. Most of Nez’s more than 10-year catalog of work is under his recording name Jamsterbation. A bit of a recluse, the hard part of Nez is catching him. The easy part is enjoying his music.” ~2010 Pheonix Best Music Poll Winner: Best Defying Act in Portland


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