Boston, Massachusetts singer-songwriter and poet, Tim Novak has compiled “Psalm on Sill” an album of ten songs that have been playing on repeat in this reviewers house for the last 24hrs. I am never really stuck for words to describe a musician, especially one of the acoustic/indie/folk genre. But Novak has left me speechless! His collection of songs have reaffirmed my belief and love in the American vocalist and acoustic guitar. To put it simply there is nothing I don’t love about this CD, Tim Novak’s musical abilities are simply unparalleled. His vocal talents have the ability to alter as required by each song, his song writing is often fun/often sweet/ often deep in meaning. With songs such as “Prison on the Hill” and “These Days”, Novak displays his fantastic abilities from his incredible instrumentals to his voice and song-writing. In particular his song “These Days” is perfectly bitter sweet! The thing I love most about this album is, each song has the capability to alter the atmosphere of the entire room. It has both incredible up’s and down’s, it’s not often a collection of songs from the same artist can do this. This is what great music is about! It should always have the power to move a person! I’m not afraid to say that this CD has done just that! and it wont be leaving my CD player anytime soon! In a word, “Perfection”. By Declan O’Toole Review: 6/6″


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