JOHN COLVERT: John has come a long way from his early days of rambling among the coffeehouses and bars of Southern Rhode Island. He can be found not only playing in some of New England’s finest listening rooms such as the legendary Club Passim in Cambridge, MA, but also in some of the area’s best rock clubs. Colvert is making his musical mark in the esteemed Boston acoustic/Americana scene.

PATRICK COMAN: Patrick Coman is an artist of two minds. On one hand, he is a southern bred Oklahoma native and former Nashville resident with a record collection heavy on American roots music, rural blues, and Hank Williams albums. On the other, he is a man of the world who made his bones as a solo artist in the gritty German capital of Berlin before returning to the United States and immersing himself in Boston’s growing Americana scene.

SAM OTIS HILL: Sam Otis Hill is a Boston-based singer-songwriter influenced by 60’s soul, Texas outlaw country, and folk music.


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