Bob Danzilo is a Brooklyn born singer/songwriter who performs his acoustic music in the folk/troubadour genre. His early musical beginnings were inspired by the Beatles and other British invasion bands but it wasn’t long before the influences from the folk music scene caught his attention. Although originally a drummer/singer for the Backbeats, a local Brooklyn band, Bob was influenced by the sound and music of Neil Diamond, Gordon Lightfoot and John Stewart. He began playing guitar to accompany his vocals and as a tool for his songwriting. He made his first early appearances performing in folk venues like Pip’s in Brooklyn, and Greenwich Village’s Folk City and The Back Fence. When he came to Cincinnati in the late 70’s, he built his local reputation at the city’s Blind Lemon Cafe and appeared on some local TV shows and opened at Bogart’s for Phoebe Snow and Randy Newman. Over the years, Bob has traveled extensively both in and out of the US. This eclectic lifestyle has given him a broad spectrum of experience to draw from in terms of material for his original compositions, which are partly autobiographical, partly fictional and are mostly shaped as story songs. Bob’s sets are both entertaining and interesting, mixing a rich vocal style with full rhythm guitar and a wonderful mix of compositions.


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