With her heartfelt, sometimes quirky, and ultimately catchy piano/acoustic guitar based pop music, Shelly Fraley is well on her way toward a successful career as a modern-day singer/songwriter. Fraley’s music  first gained exposure through spots in TV/Film including Private Practice, Army Wives, One Tree Hill and more.

Shelly Fraley’s new album “Hush,” is inspired by secrets submitted through her website by anonymous fans.  The 10 song album was created in two parts: Part 1 with producer/songwriter Allen Salmon (MuteMath, This Beautiful Republic, The Undeserving, Gileah and the Ghost Train, Seabird, Starfield, Chris Taylor, Luminate); and the second with Ryan Williamson (Hanson, Weird “Al” Yankovic, Adam Greene, Graham Colton), and Seth Goodman. Several seasoned musicians also made appearances on the album.
The “Hush” songs feature a wide lyrical and musical range,  including “Won’t Forget You,” an emotional song inspired by a secret about a suicide, to “Bewitched,” a spooky song inspired by a secret about being a witch, to Darlin,” a sweet song inspired by a secret about being in love. http://www.shellyfraley.com/


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