EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT15-20 musicians (local and touring) have 2 songs or 10 minutes to perform original music in front of an audience of peers and one unknown guest judge. Once everyone has had a chance to perform, there will be a short break and the guest judge will determine 3 finalists. The 3 finalists will perform one more song and then our guest  judge will pick a winner.


There is a $5 entry fee per performer (initially said $3, but after talking with potential contestants I discovered that they were interested in a bigger pot to win).  Each performance must be limited to three players per act. No effects…set-up needs to minimal, time is of the essence. No drum kits – only scaled down or hand-held percussion allowed. Performers must check in for their slot, 30 minutes prior to their scheduled playing time.  Because “playing ability” is a judging criteria, for obvious reasons, CD Accompaniment Tracks are not allowed.

ALSO, due to the size of the room and the number of performers, the ONE PURCHASE MINIMUM DOES APPLY…it’s how we stay in business.

Performers are judged based 5 categories:


Vocal performance

Playing ability

Stage presence

Audience response

Weekly contest winner will receive:

A.  MONEY – each contestant will pay a $5 entry fee – winner takes all!

B.  A chance to perform in the semi-finalists’ show and possibly perform in the YEARLY FINALISTS SHOW


EMAIL us at outoftheblue@portcityblue.com

Please confirm your spot via email the day of the show.

If you CAN NOT make you scheduled slot, please let us know as soon as you can.

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