Recent winner of the OUT OF THE BLUE, Will Gattis returns to the Blue stage for a full show!

The prestige that accompanies the title Maine’s Best Singer/Songwriter (as won in the 2007 Maine Songwriter Showdown) is not lost on its holder Will Gattis, a Portland-native singer/songwriter whose influences range from The Beatles, The Who, and Queen to Ben Folds Five, Nobuo Uematsu, and David Bowie. Describing his translation of those influences into his own songwriting and performing style, Gattis quips that what fans hear is “the hypothetical result of Ben Folds sitting next to Freddie Mercury in a philosophy class taught by Paul McCartney.”
“He’s very personable and playful with the audience. He often told little anecdotes about his songs, and the stories were well-received in the audience.”  ~

“an upcoming purveyor of quirky indie pop.” ~Portland Phoenix
“Even though his fingers fly when asked, Gattis can still coax a nuanced melody out of his piano…Gattis’ ballads are easy to get inside, but powered by lyrical conflicts. In that way, the tracks are much like the guy himself – more than meets the eye.” ~ Portland Press Herald

“If you’re a fan of Ben Folds, you will love the music that Will has to offer…He certainly has adopted his own style of playing and telling stories through his song.”


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