After the Rodeo is an innovative and imaginative new Americana act that is a harbinger of their genre. Featuring some of Vermont’s busiest and most sought after musicians, After the Rodeo is an amalgamation of talent that blends seamless, melodic musicianship along with supple three-part harmonies that transcends beyond the typical musical landscape. Taking their combined interests in a variety of genres, After the Rodeo brilliantly infuses meandering jazz, traditional blues and bluegrass along with the reminiscent charm of cowboy folk, associated with such artists as Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt. Not only is this trio creatively breaking ground musically, they also have a shared gift individually and as a group, for songwriting. Crafting each song with attention to detail and literary precision, their original compositions both instrumental and lyrical, evoke timeless images that tend to linger in the imagination long After the Rodeo is through.

After the Rodeo is D Davis on guitar (Red Hot Juba, Book ‘Em Blues Band), Matt Schrag on mandolin and guitar (Gordon Stone Trio, Erin McDermott Band) and Pat Melvin on bass (PossumHaw, Kelly Ravin Trio). They have individually toured across the US and Europe and recorded with the likes of Byron House, Bryan Sutton, Stuart Duncan, Tim O’Brien, Brent Truitt, Mia Adams, Kelly Ravin and Erin McDermott just to name a few.


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