5PM – Art Opening: Adam Policky

6PM – The Olympic Symphonium

8PM – Ana Mallozi

10PM – OKBARI with Belly Dancers

The Olymic Symphonium: Crafting delicately arranged folk-pop that drips with bittersweet melodies, soaring harmonies, and an awful lot of passion, The Olympic Symphonium have been sharing their quiet world with us since 2005. They are and always have been a collaborative effort between three multi-instrumentalists, songwriters, and friends: Nick Cobham, Kyle Cunjak, and Graeme Walker. http://www.theolympicsymphonium.com/

Ana Mallozi: Ana Mallozzi is a singer/songwriter from Providence, Rhode Island. She has a voice that can cut through the air like a knife or sound like home. Her songs are very much rooted in matters of the heart. They move from zero to sixty faster than a folk musician normally can on account of her powerhouse vocals. If you look at her it is easy to think that she is a mild mannered and reserved girl but as soon as she sings it is like the noise of a freight train passing your house in the suburbs, that’s a little too close to the tracks. It forces you to sit up in the night and listen to it. Only the sound of this freight train is a welcome diversion from sleep. http://www.reverbnation.com/anamallozzi

OKBARI with Belly Dancers: The Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble presents music from the richly varied contemporary and historic cultural traditions of the Middle East including Ottoman Turkish Classical compositions, rural Turkish folk and devotional songs, Arabic classical and folk music, and dance music from the Armenian and Turkish immigrant diasporas. http://okbari.org/



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