Lindsay Straw: A native Montanan and a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Lindsay is a bright young star in the Irish music world. She brings a lovely sensitivity and style to her back-up playing on bouzouki and guitar. A gifted singer too, she deeply honors the tradition in her interpretations, yet brings something subtly youthful and personal to the music. Lindsay is also a composer and arranger, and plays with the Boston-based group, The Ivy Leaf and with uilleann piper Joey Abarta.

The Ivy Leaf: The Ivy Leaf is a young traditional Irish quartet that came together through the Boston session scene.  Featuring fiddles, flute & whistle, concertina, vocals and bouzouki and guitar accompaniment, the group’s influences are a blend of the old and new, taking on centuries old dance music and giving it a modern vigor.  Among those influences are many of the local musicians who define the sound of Irish music in Boston and Providence.  Enriching that tradition is an intense curiosity for old, isolated, or obscure forms of music, arming the group with an array of tunes from jigs to polkas to hornpipes, along with songs of both Irish and American origin.


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