ROB CIMITILE: Rob Cimitile blends elements of bluegrass, folk and Americana music with a unique twist that comes from Rob’s eclectic musical background. Lyrically the songs tell tales of spirituality, metaphysics, and the human experience at large.

JON AANESTAD: Jon Aanestad’s self-titled debut EP, “Songs From A City” was a blend of Folk, R&B and Pop. Released in 2009, it combined a sort of country sensibility with a soulful backbone. “City Living” the last track, was an Al Green inspired tune while “High Heel Hangover” was more of a pop anthem meant to catch an ear–which it did in the UK Songwriting Contest where it landed as a semi-finalist song. And although the EP was a great experience for everyone involved–it may have been too safe, Aanestad admits.
“The EP was really a way for me to start playing clubs, and playing with musicians I respected and loved, and it did give me that leverage. But, I wasn’t necessarily making the music I wanted to hear, but the music I thought would sell.”
Aanestad’s EP did give him some good opportunities, including playing in Gap Stores Born To Play Competition and getting some radio play in the UK. The Sugarcane, Aanestad’s band, is now planning to record a new EP with Aanestad’s new material. As of late, Jon has turned to an edgier pop-rock sound and his band, The Sugarcane has honed in on some of Aanestad’s songs that are closer to the bone—still very accessible and commercially viable, but more visceral. Since 2009 and the release of Aanestad’s EP, “Songs From A City”, the band has gained momentum playing in three festivals and in some of the best venues in the Northeast.


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