Growing up with the beach as his backyard, in a home that was constantly filled with music, it’s no wonder where Sam got his laid-back yet musically sophisticated, easy-to-listen-to vibe that is apparent in both his albums–‘Songs for Someone’ and ‘Every Time I’m Home’.
A multi-instrumentalist Sam plays guitar, drums, piano and sings on his most recent album, ‘Every Time I’m Home’. His latest songs aren’t aligned with any one genre, but they do have a common theme of the ocean, family and love flowing through them—things Sam says he tends to write about.
“These are the things that are closest to me. And because I write about those things, most of my songs send out a positive message. My casual personality is channeled through the music I write, which has a pretty chill vibe to it, but it’s hard to put a label on it. You hear elements of rock, pop, folk, country and blues throughout all of my tunes. I suppose it speaks to the influences I’ve had over the years,” he said.


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