If we can get your toes tapping to a lively jig, get you singing a rousing chorus, or transport you on a sweet song or tune, then we’ve done what set out to do each time we gather in a session or performance.

Individually and as a group, we’ve inherited a rich musical tradition, rooted deep in Ireland and Scotland, but well-traveled over every sea and continent. Having become friends in that music, we banded together to grow and spread our love of it. We strive to tap into that tradition, from the old and familiar to the new and evolving.

We bet we can draw you in with song! We share many of your favorites and encourage you to sing along…and we’ll even hit you with a few surprises. Tunes interweave with songs, from jigs, reels, hornpipes, and set dances you may know, to more contemporary or further flung melodies and beats. We’re both multi-instrumentalists, so we can mix it up to keep the music flowing.

We strive to find a blend that’s right for every setting – whether it’s a session, party or concert. When we hit it right, the rhythms, melodies, and songs come together to give listeners, singers, and players something magical – something a bit bigger than all of us.

Come join us – and enjoy helping us make that magic happen.

David Hallowell: fiddle, bouzouki, guitar, banjo, vocals
Peter Hale: guitar, whistle, octave mandolin, bodhran, vocals


Wednesday October 31 – Dick Hensold -Northumbrian smallpipes and other strange beast

Wednesday November 7 – The Press Gang!

Wednesday November 14 – TBD

Wednesday November 21 – TBD

Wednesday November 28 – Tom & Elly

Wednesday December 5  – Caroline Cotter & Sugar Shack

Wednesday December 12 – Erica Brown & Matt Shipman followed by Tricky Britches

Wednesday December 19  – All Night Session!

Wednesday December 26 – CLOSED


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