Shadow Waltz is a blues, country, soul duo featuring the vocals, banjo picking and guitar wiles of Christine Laskowski and Jose Moreno. The two met this year at Berklee College of Music in Boston on a cold February afternoon while taking a smoke break. A request for a light led to a conversion, which led to the discovery of their mutual love of blues and original acoustic music, which led to a jam, which led to the formation of a band, Shadow Waltz. While Jose is finishing up his degree in Music Production and Engineering, Christine is a single-semester drop-out (It’s the only way you get famous!) pursuing her music education for substantially less money on her own.

The band is focused on creating original music and covers that are complex in their arrangements, lyrics, and harmonies. From fast-paced instrumentals to slow, doleful a cappella ballads, Shadow Waltz roams from genre to genre: country, blues, spirituals, old-time, soul, rock, with songs that are immensely personal and unforgettable.


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