“[Brian] exudes the melodic charm and trebly vocal hitches of Jules Shear, and the heartbreaking warmth and intriguing lyrical turns of Freedy Johnston.” -Cincinnati City beat

“A singular and insightful voice”-Examiner.com

Brian Dolzani’s songs illustrate the seeking and longing inside all of us; for redemption, fulfillment, understanding, pleasure, love. His voice is often described as a ‘smoother’ Neil Young. His introspective, personal songs and engaging live performances move those who are open to being touched by music and words that are full of humanity, imperfection, vulnerability, and strength. Brian takes his cues from those 1960′s and 70′s songwriters who, through their own soul-searching and raw intensity, are able to move listeners through just melody, lyric, and acoustic guitar.  http://www.briandolzani.com/wp/


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