Sweetly melodic and often melancholy, as well as intelligent and soulful, Poulopoulos’s songs, like him, are honest and eloquent. His guitar playing may press you to tap your feet, or sway your shoulders – sometimes both. His lyrics, complemented by the steady strum or picked out tones of the guitar, always tell a story, inviting the listener into states of introspection, curiosity, amusement and reflection. They’re always poignant.

His musical influences vary, but their common foundation is American folk and roots music. The artists he’s most influenced by these days include Jeffrey Foucault, Danny Schmidt, John Prine, Neil Young, Chris Castle, Townes Van Zandt, John Hiatt, Bob Dylan, Chris Smither, The Stray Birds, Jill Andrews, and the everybodyfields. His many influences and solo performances lend him to the acoustic singer/songwriter style, but without sounding like anyone in particular, his music is very much his own, and it strikes out a singular, yet familiar course in American roots music.



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