Tom Schena is a singer/songwriter with deep, earthy vocals and lyrics that belie his years. Born to sing, he writes and sings folk songs reminiscent of days gone by, rock songs that lift and energize and ballads that can make you feel every ounce of the human condition.

Tom Schena is a multi-talented singer/songwriter and musician with designs on carving out his own niche within the long-standing and much-respected genre of folk music. Largely self-taught on guitar, Tom’s style has been influenced by works of the past including rock and country acts from the 1960s and 1970s including performers such as Gram Parsons, Waylon Jennings, The Band and Neil Young. It is with that inspiration that many of Tom’s songs are written in a story-teller’s voice, looking to tell a tale as much as play a note.

Moreover, his folk style draws from references and of his interests in old westerns. Captivated since his youth in the ways of the Wild West, exploring the complicated simplicity of a bygone era has always fascinated and drawn him in, and his music can often reflect a feel of the 1800s way of life. His rock style is both bluesy and passionate, speaking to all generations.

But Tom’s true essence is found in his ballads that capture the true gift of his voice – mellow, bassy and touching – which can lift, inspire and touch your heart in ways only seasoned professionals can. He was born to sing.


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