Local country, rock and blues duo, THE BLOOMERS, share an evening with 2 traveling folk-y bluesy singer/songwriters, Geneviève Beaudoin and DIETRICH STRAUSE.




6PM – Geneviève Beaudoin: A budding singer-songwriter currently based in Manhattan, Geneviève Beaudoin is 19 but she’s not young.

Genevieve’s music has been shaped by a vibrant family life and energized by the places she has called home — a small town in the heart of rural Maine, the cosmopolitan city of Lyon, France, and now New York. She draws on cultural influences from both the Old World and the New, and to that end, Geneviève’s original songs are raw, multi-faceted, and mature. With their perception and poetry, her lyrics reflect a solidified spirit – and the voice that sings them is one skilled beyond others of her years. Her folk and blues compositions are at times playful and witty; other times, achingly poignant. Regardless of its emotion, though, or the language in which it’s sung, Geneviève’s art is always stirring. http://www.genevieveoutloud.com/


8PM – Dietrich Strause: “Strause’s voice is mellifluous; his sound has traces of a young Paul Simon mixed with that Josh Ritter Midwestern wanderlust.” – Rich Kassirer, Modern Acoustic

“He writes poignantly about romance, innocence and the opposite poles of country vs. city life. …a first-rate lyricist…” – Steve Morse, former music critic at the Boston Globe

“The songs are beautiful and moving. His subjects and sincere, stripped-down delivery call up all of the modern legends of song craft—Jeff Tweedy, Ryan Adams, and Jim James—and the sentiments linger for days, the ashtray always nearby.” – Jeff Wallace, My Secret Boston

“Dietrich’s intricate, feathery-light guitar playing and smooth, clear vocals bring him aesthetically closer to folk than lit-rock, strictly speaking, but lyrically, his bibliophilic style is reminiscent of poetry-prose artists like The Weakerthans or The Decemberists. ‘Smart’ music can sometimes run the risk of coming off erudite and snobbish, but Dietrich seems like the boy next door who breathes clean, country air.” – The New England Deli Magazine


10PM – The Bloomers: Tight vocal harmonies fuse with country, rock and blues influences in The Bloomers, a new Portland-based duo with Pip Walter and Jenny Van West. Their repertoire of original material and roots Americana reflects influences from Bonnie Raitt to Wanda Jackson and Richard Thompson to Warren Zevon.  https://www.facebook.com/thebloomersmaine


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