“Tristan has been lighting up stages in the Northeast U.S. and releasing albums for over 10 years now. Having learned the ropes of recording and releasing albums and touring through playing in bands for a number of years, he has found his true calling by striking out on his own. Based out of Manchester, New Hampshire (right outside of Boston), along with fourteen years of guitar playing under his belt, Tristan’s stage show is a barrage of original and traditional four chord Folk/Americana songs along with tasteful licks, usually played at break-neck bluegrassy speeds. Though, just as he can have your head bobbing and feet tapping at a rocking speed, he can make your heart ache with a slow ballad type song. Even as a one-man act, Tristan’s energetic performance and skillful guitar and vocal ability fill up a stage like none other.” http://tristanomand.com/bio.html

Singer/songwriter Martin England writes and performs emotionally charged songs which carry the listener through the fires of love, life and loss. http://www.martinengland.com/about/bio/


Bob Rasero grew up in New Rochelle, New York. At age ten he inherited his grandfathers Gibson archtop guitar and taught himself how to play it. His early emulations included Clapton, Hendrix, Buchanan, and BB King. It wasnt long before Bob started to gravitate toward his comfort zone – writing songs, playing them with his own bands, and going his own way with his music. His first bands (Buckeye, After Taxes, Canyon) worked the New York areas clubs as well as parties, dances, and weddings. It wasnt until Bob hooked up with the legendary Coco and The Incredible Squirt Band in 1976 that he found his niche as a songwriter. The country rock and the irreverent humor of Squirt was the perfect breeding ground for a host of new songs. For thirteen years they rocked the clubs and gave the crowds laughter cramps. In consecutive years they were finalists in the Marlboro Country Music Showcase held at NYCs famous Bottom Line. In 1988, he joined forces with the Bergers With Mayo band, which included Loft Recording Studios Al and Ted Hemberger, as well as Bobs old high school buddy Bob Mayo (of Peter Frampton fame.) The writing and gigging went well, but in 1990, Rasero moved to Portland, Maine and soon after created The Renovators by teaming up with local Maine musicians. Reluctant to end his successful collaborations, he regularly commuted from Maine to New York to keep his roots alive. Eventually, the New York lineup of the Renovators became a successful performing and recording group, producing four dynamic albums from 1996 to 2003. Their fan base is widespread and loyal, and the band occasionally can be heard on TVs All My Children and The Young And The Restless. In the spring of 2004, Bob released Behind The Wheel, a soulful solo album which gets steady play on Portland radio. November 2005 brings his release of SMOOTH BLUES, a 16 song instrumental package of laid back soulful arrangements of Renovator classics and new tunes designed to be the perfect background for home cookin and hanging out. Bob is a one guitar man, a 1953 Fender Telecaster, and has been for thirty years. The only other serious instrument is a copy that he made himself from scratch . He continues to write songs and play live performances in both the New York and Portland areas.


“Honestly, I don’t believe that Sean Mencher needs a long introduction as every true rockabilly fans should know him either from his work with High Noon, his productions (The Two Timin’ Three, The Gin Palace Jesters, Jessie Lee Miller, Croonin’ Kurt…) or his appearances as guest guitarist (Wayne “The Train” Hancock, Dig Wayne…).
This fine guitar player also finds time to lead his own band, The Sean Mencher Combo.”
by Fred “Virgil” Turgis

Sean Mencher- lead guitar & vocals

Sean Chambers- rhythm guitar

Mark Cousins- drums

Derek Moniz- bass

Matt Young- Harmonica

Americana / Rockabilly / Roots Music http://www.myspace.com/seanmencher


One of New England’s finest guitarists, David Surette has been quietly generating a growing following for his work as a soloist. His solo albums “Back Roads” and “Trip to Kemper” have helped to establish him as a top player and arranger of Celtic fingerstyle guitar, yet his diverse repertoire also includes original compositions, blues and ragtime, traditional American roots music, and folk music from a variety of traditions, all played with finesse, taste, and virtuosity.


Hailing from Rochester, N.Y., singer-songwriter Nick Young’s songs combine power pop hooks with country-tinged roots rock to form an energetic sound that’s familiar, yet all its own.  After several years as the frontman and principal songwriter of the band Burning Daylight, Young has spent much of the last year recording his solo debut record both locally and in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Jim Reilley (of The New Dylans). With the help of Reilley and with legendary pedal steel player Al Perkins (Gram Parsons) and drummer Ken Coomer (Wilco) augmenting Young’s Americana/Power Pop sound, the album “Truth Is” was released on November 30, 2010. http://www.nickyoungonline.com/fr_home.cfm


“Delicate acoustic harmonies and lighthearted romanticism define the sound of Andrea Paquin’s latest release. On Listen, the folk singer glides through an array of intimate, poppy anthems with breezy sensibility. Taking influences from alternative artists Indigo Girls and Kate Bush, Paquin’s simple folk arrangements would be at home with the Lilith Fair generation of musicians.
From the album’s onset, Paquin tugs at the heartstrings of her listeners and the rich, cozy humility of her voice goes down like red wine over good conversation. Opening the album, the soft-spoken ambiance of “I’m Not Going Back” brings about nostalgia of peering out the kitchen window on a blustery evening. On the up-tempo “Letting You Go,” soft murmurs of accordion mingle with gritty banjo into an Appalachian bluegrass swing. Though most of Listen is laced with sweet-tempered warmth, edgier timbres come through in the electric guitar swells of “Leader” and lyrical sarcasm of “Money”: “Let me be the one to shelf / The weight of money that we don’t have / You can keep it all and go to hell.” The dreary protest march of “Freedom” provides haunting counter harmonies on violin and Santana-style guitar licks.
The pop candor of Listen maintains strong personality and soul, making it a worthwhile album for any nu-folk music listener.”  (Nathalie Levey – NPM)


A special pairing of 2 unique and deeply affecting musicians, Virtuoso fiddler and multi-string master Darol Anger here focuses his talents in service of the singer-songwriter’s art. Emy Phelps is a standout artist in a large field, a prolific songwriter with a riveting voice which plumbs the deepest emotions. A musician of note in the Pacific Northwest, she has made a 30 year music career while raising 3 sons and one daughter, achieving degrees in Theatre Arts and Special Education.
In combination, these 2 musicians bring out each other’s special ability to convey deep emotional resonance and spark low-key fireworks.


Tricky Britches is a high-energy string band hailing from Portland, Maine. From their roots of playing heel-stomping old-time fiddle tunes they have progressed into a fusion of classic bluegrass, country, and folk rock. The band consists of Tyler Lienhardt on Fiddle, Seth Doyle on Mandolin, Jed Bresette on Bass, Ryan “Bear” Wilkinson on Banjo, and Nick Wallace on Guitar.


Michigan-based band, The Northern Skies plays “bluegrass, Americana, and Celtic music and pours it through an indie rock funnel to distill something that sounds like a party out in the back yard. And  yes, there is moonshine at that party” (Revue Magazine Grand Rapids, MI).
The sound is created by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eric Engblade and rounded out by a dynamic rhythm section comprised of Nic Cole-Klaes on bass and Paul Wozniak on drums and percussion. Each musician is as talented as they are versatile; together with “Engblade’s clear, strong vocals [that] give power to his lyrics,” (Ludington Daily News, Ludington MI) their sets are rounded out with performances on mandolins, banjos, and more in any given performance.


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