Booking Information


Press Kits

For all booking requests, please send an electronic press kit (website or link to music) to Please add  genre (JAZZ, FOLK, TRAD, etc.) and whether you’re a touring or local artist to the subject line for quick referencing. We are inundated with emails and try to book people in the appropriate time slot so the more information you can provide in the subject line the better…if there’s a specific date or range of dates that helps too! Please be advised that there is limited availability and it’s possible that we can’t get to everyone in a timely fashion. If you don’t hear back, try again…we’re not ignoring you.      **it also helps to look at our Calendar to get an idea for how we structure our nights – we typically book artists/bands for 1.5 to 2 hour sets**



Blue is  a “donations venue”, meaning that most shows are for customer/listener donations. We most often suggest a donation amount.

The responsibility of making patrons aware of  how musicians are supported will fall on the venue, not the musician (we don’t recommend that you advertise the show as FREE, instead advertise that donations are welcome or that there is a suggested donation of $XX for the show.”  An announcement will be made in the middle and/or towards the end of the set and after each announcement the basket will be taken around the room to collect donations.  If any patron cashes out before the announcement, we will make mention of the donations to them privately.

Additional Perks

FOOD:  One food item will be compensated for groups of 4 or less.  For groups of 5 or more one food item is provided at half price. If you are playing last, please show up before your show to eat.  The kitchen often closes as the crowd dissipates, therefore it is often closed by the time you are done performing.   Also be mindful of the room, if we are BUSY, BUSY or we are in the process of opening up, please be patient.

DRINK: 2 beverages are allowed per musician.  There are limitations to what drinks can be comped, so please ask before ordering.  General rule of thumb is $8 or under for comped drinks.

Again, please ask the staff before ordering, as there are limitations to both the food and bevarage provided.   These perks are non-transferable, meaning: food and drink is for you and you alone.  If you opt out, it is not for a patron to consume or another band member to collect.



Facebook & Instagram
All of the scheduled performances are posted on our facebook page and Instagram the day of the show. We ask that you create an event for your show and send a co-host request to Blue so it shows up as an event listing leading up to the show.
Anyone with an upcoming performance will be listed on Blue’s website.  Just send us an email at with a short bio, your website link, and a hi-res photo if possible. It is always appreciated when is linked from musicians’ sites as well.

The Blue News
This is the weekly email newsletter of Blue. Anyone scheduled to perform at Blue will appear in The Blue News.  Please send us a good bio and any links we can add.

Feel free to send along 2-3 posters to PO BOX 4254, Portland, ME, 04101. We will hang them within the establishment. DO NOT SEND POSTERS TO THE VENUE (we’re not open to recieve mail during postal delivery hours).  We also create a monthly event calendar listing for outside promotion.

Press Releases
We suggest doing a press release whenever possible. This is simply a blurb about yourself or your group with date and time for the show that gets sent out to newspapers, radio stations, etc. Sometimes you can include a professionally-done photo with it. A well-executed press release to multiple media outlets can greatly improve the attendance and enthusiasm for your show.

Flyering & Word of Mouth
If you want to “flyer” for one of your shows, that can be an effective means of getting more people in. Also, tell everybody about your show. Word of mouth has proven to be the most successful means of advertising…and social networking. We will share any social media advertising that you put out there.



LOAD-IN & SOUND CHECK: Musicians are responsible for their own sound. Staff is available to help if it is needed and will let you know if things need to be adjusted. Load in is any time after opening hours:  If you are the first to play and start time is right when we open, staff will be there half an hour before open time.  Set up and sound check (please read below regarding sound) can begin roughly 30 minutes before show time. Your “set” time should have been confirmed through email.  If you’re loading in while another group is performing please be respectful and quiet.  You may bring your equipment to the back of the room to store it until you are ready to set up.  .

No Alcohol Allowed On Stage
For legal reasons, there is absolutely no drinking on stage. You must be “on break” and completely off stage in order to consume an alcoholic beverage. Failure to adhere to this can lead to a fine to both the establishment and you the musician…it’s a state law not our law, but we enforce it.

The Tables
If you have food and drinks, please try to limit this to the use of one table….this mainly applies to bands. If possible, keeping your food and drinks at a friend’s table is greatly appreciated. Also, please put other equipment (e.g., instrument cases) in the back.  If the room is full and you are done performing, please keep seats free for the donating and paying masses…it helps you and me both to have the seats available.

Blue has a Behringer XR18 that is paired with X AIR on iPAD,  two speakers, two monitors, 3 mic stands, 3 mics, XLR and 1/4″ cables. We do encourage musicians to bring their own mic stands, cables and mics whenever possible. When bringing in equipment for your show, please be mindful that Blue is a small room, small stage and it doesn’t take much to adequately amplify your show. We ask that musicians try to use such things as smaller amplifiers, smaller drum kits, brushes, etc.

Appropriate volume is very important. If the performance is too loud for the room, this can create an uncomfortable live music experience. Ideally, the volume should take into account such factors as the number of people in the room, the style of music and the room itself. If the performance is too loud, we will ask you to turn it down.  Doing sound checks is strongly encouraged in order to achieve the right volume. We want to naturally draw people in and encourage people to whisper. If you’re cranking the sound it just leads to people trying to shout to communicate and others complaining about the volume. If the volume is adequate people will listen (and if patrons are too loud we do ask them to kindly be respectful and whisper…so no need to crank it up).

If you have any additional questions, please email us at


650A Congress Street, Portland ME

21+ Only (unless accompanied by your legal guardian)

Tues: 6PM-12AM
Fri & Sat: 5PM-1AM
Sun: 4PM-10PM

Blue has won Portland’s Best Jazz Venue for several years in a row and dedicates every Saturday night to Jazz at the Blue.

We are a DONATION BASED venue. Please show your support to the musicians by donating to the basket by the stage. Because we don’t charge a cover and 100% of your donations go to the musicians we respectfully ask that each person make a ONE PURCHASE MINIMUM of food/beverage to help support the room. All seats are first come, first served (feel free to share a table). We do not take reservations.