Eric Ott

Friday - November, 10 @ 8:00pm

Remember when Bob Dylan took his acoustic guitar and singer songwriter tendencies, walked on stage at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 and played with an amplified electric band only to be booed by a sea of “fans?” The scenario is true. At the time it seemed people were unaccepting of an artist celebrating diverse musical styles.

Fast-forward more than four-and-a-half decades later and the same war is being waged and/or celebrated by Seacoast musician Eric William Ott. Ott, whom longtime fans will originally remember as a member of the Ridley’s, as well as the Bonnie Situation (whom won Best New Artist by Jam Magazine); later formed Mercuryhat – perhaps the most popular project he’s been involved with to date.

The Americana/roots rock sound varied from past efforts, and really got to the core of what makes Ott’s craft a superb semblance of artistic integrity – his brutally honest lyrics – giving you an inside look of a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, as well as that of other folk(s) as well. It’s a true testament when an artist can channel his inner thoughts, shed an exposing light, and craft a detailed portrait of a certain human condition that is felt by many. A trait, which would aide in earning Ott the 2010 Spotlight on the Arts Award: “Best Musician.” 2012 looks to be the busiest year in Ott’s musical journey to date…

Like Dylan and other great contemporary storytellers in the vein of Jeff Tweedy, Ryan Adams, and Michael Stipe, Ott is always looking for that next step in a songsmith’s progression – The next way to craftily, and effectively get stories out to fans without sounding repetitive and stale. In the book of Ott, that next effort came in the form of “Letter Box,” a solo project of sorts, which ended up hosting an array of contributions from an all-star cast of characters from Seacoast, New Hampshire. “Very interesting, and very lush work has been created (and yes, conquered) within the walls of ‘Letter Box,’” voiced rock journalist Chris Hislop. Letter Box helped Ott earn “Artist of the Month” honors from The Deli Magazine.

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