Justin Rowland

Thursday - June, 30 @ 5:00pm

Howdy Folks,

I’m a singer/songwriter, secular humanist, and proud dad. I live, work and play in New England, where I was born and raised. I’ve been writing, singing and playing music since I was a kid, but I’m a bit of a “born-again” rookie when it comes to doing it for a living. For twenty years or so I worked in the American theatre as a production manager, but a few years ago I finally heeded the long ignored call of my inner voice and committed to life as an itinerant, DIY troubadour.

I grew up on classic rock, outlaw country and folk singers. I cut my teeth on punk rock, alt country and grunge as a teen and twenty-something. Because I draw a bit of water from a lot of wells I think of my stuff as Americana music, though I’m not at all sure other folk would agree. All that really matters to me is that I write from my guts, and say what I wanna say, whether I’m writing about heartbreak or the state of the world. I’m a proudly independent artist, happy to own my own means of production and committed to going my own way.



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