Lisa/Liza // Laura Wolf // Mehetable

Sunday - July, 15 @ 7:00pm


Lisa/Liza is the lo-fi, psych-folk recording project of Maine-based guitarist, singer and songwriter Liza Victoria. Deserts of Youth is her debut LP, after numerous limited edition cassette and CDr releases. Deserts of Youth is an intimate collection of seven original songs, recorded at home by Victoria, using just her voice and her acoustic guitar.

Liza explains:
"Deserts of Youth is an album about the parts of our past that remain within us, and visiting these landscapes with recognition of ourselves instead of a meditation on what has been lost, or is no longer a resource or a path we can use. It is about meeting the past and facing it with a sense of ownership instead of abandon; the idea that one can see a desert as a place of desolation or a place of needed reflection, full of life, and strength."

Praise for "Century Woods," the first single from Deserts of Youth:

"Carried on the lightest of breezes, ('Century Woods') manages to take on numerous foreboding shapes thanks to the fragile, spectral nature of Victoria’s utterly compelling lead vocal, that never once deviates from the path, never once stops to check whether anyone is following, but drags you through the entire piece regardless.
It’s a wonderful piece of work, a fragile expanse that seems to fold in on itself, like a forest slowly departing in the shrivelling, encroaching dusk."
-Tom Johnson, GoldFlakePaint

"'Century Woods' exists outside of time entirely. Victoria opens the song in a drifting, half-existent time signature, her careful, close-mic’d guitar lapping gently like sleepy waves at high tide. Her vocals reverberate powerfully without an ounce of reverb. The song’s dry production—seemingly no overdubs or effects at all—actually makes it sound even more mysterious: the magic is entirely in her performance. Six minutes in, as the song’s jazzy, Karen-Dalton-on-ambien melody begins to settle into your brain, it just kind of ends. The last sentence is left unfinished, the chord progression unresolved. Victoria’s haunting, imagistic dream logic is only beginning to reveal itself."
-Sam Sodomsky, Pitchfork




Cellist and singer Laura Wolf Schatz uses live looping, effect pedals and various instruments to weave a penetrating world of sound.  Having performed with various contemporary and classical ensembles, her debut solo EP Stitch One (2017) was met with critical praise, deemed "beautifully immersive" and "distinctly enchanting" by Gold Flake Paint. She is currently workshopping her newest work bridging spacious experimentalism with pop driven songs. She is Brooklyn based and has performed as a touring/live member of various ensembles, most recently The Shivers and Matt Pond PA.


"Right from the get go, however, the urgency of the song seeps in. There is a heart pounding kind of excitement to how it expands onto itself. The songwriter’s voice is lilting and light over the cascading sonic waves rolling underneath it."

"There is a lot of emotion in these performances, almost tiring to a degree to watch Laura creating this orchestra of sound in front of you, but damn it makes you feel it...all of it."

- Brian Carroll, Red Line Roots, music blog via facebook


"Transitioning from soft to tough and gritty...can be challenging. In her new release, Wolf meets the challenge with a lush and distinctive sound."

"Laura Wolf is a one-woman orchestra. In live shows, she drapes herself in instruments, trading her cello for electric guitar and vocals as she builds complex songs one voice at a time with the help of a loop pedal."

- Laura Kerry, THRDCOAST



Mehetable is Portland-based cellist/singer-songwriter Jerusha Neely, with
frequent collaborators David and Anna Maria Noyes. Jerusha has written,
recorded, and performed with bands and songwriters all over New England in the
last 15 years, including Brown Bird, South China, Plains, Guy Capecelatro III, the
Orchards, and Tiny Fires, and is currently a member of Woodpainting. Her first
solo album is anticipated in fall 2018. Her style is sometimes compared to
60s/70s British folk, though her classical training and folk/pop influences shine
through as well.    Soundcloud page

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