Luniere EP release with Molly Ladd

Sunday - June, 16 @ 7:00pm


Songwriters Geoff Zimmerman, Jason Roman, and Calen Perkins share the spotlight on Luniere’s sophomore release, “Leave the Light”, a four song EP. This collection of recordings is the first to feature Luniere’s now full-time drummer Eric Landau, and also marks the band’s first collaboration with Jon Roods (Rustic Overtones, Armies, Paranoid Social Club) who recorded and mixed the album at his studio.
“Always” (with verses and chorus penned by Zimmerman, a bridge by Roman, and musical contributions by Perkins) kicks off the album with steady rock feel, a pre-chorus just as hooky as the chorus itself, and searing lead guitar by Perkins.
What follows is the most upbeat track, “Warm Heart” (written by Roman), which bounces along with vaulting bass and a horn section borrowed from the experimental-jazz-funk outfit Yeah Man.
“Long Way Home” (Perkins) features a more acoustic/folky tone letting the harmony vocals shine, sure to delight fans of Luniere’s signature 3-part vocal texture.
Concluding the short disc is a heartfelt gospel/country tune, reminiscent of The Band, “Sugar (See My Side)” which was written by and features lead vocals and piano by Zimmerman. “Sugar” showcases the entire ensemble with thoughtful drums by Landau, Roman’s effortless harmony vocals from the stratosphere, and a soulful guitar solo by Perkins.
Leave the Light is an impressive follow up, bringing more of the same exuberant eclecticism and cohesion fans come to expect from Luniere.

joined by opening MOLLY LADD

Molly Ladd hails from a big family in a small town in rural Maine, where television channels were nonexistent and gardening was a way of life, not a hobby. Her family obtained an old, clunky, upright piano when she was about 4, and music has been a part of her life ever since. After years of classical training on piano, Molly began experimenting with other instruments, and has since picked up guitar and ukulele. She can also be found pretending to know what she’s doing on fiddle and experimenting with “modern technology,” such as synthesizers.
Prior to becoming a solo artist, Molly and two of her sisters performed bluegrass and folk music as The Ladd Sisters, mixing sweet three-part harmonies with simple instrumentation for a uniquely modern take on well-loved, traditional songs. In 2014, she began writing her own music and performing at open mics around her current hometown of Portland, Maine. Hauntingly beautiful vocals are her signature sound, with emotionally evocative lyrics full of sorrow, hope, and reflection.

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