Friday - May, 06 @ 8:00pm

Reveler are a brand-new roots rock quintet from southern Maine. You may recognize some familiar faces, though.

Reveler builds on the work of Mel “Martie” Martin, a guitarist and singer-songwriter with a background in the musical traditions of the Pentecostal church and competitive choir. Coming to New England by way of California and Tennessee, and influenced by the past and present giants of songwriting as well as by continuing divinity studies, Martin writes about the cultural and emotional touchstones of her upbringing, experiences that are American enough to qualify as Americana but reach deeper into universal themes of spirituality and personal awakening.

If you live in Portland, chances are lead guitarist Mark McDonough has been in your favorite band at some point. First with indie nerds Bullyclub for over a decade, then with roots-rock torchbearers Gunther Brown for several years, McDonough crafts parts that echo Chris Stapleton at one turn and Johnny Marr at the next. Conversations and connections through the Maine Musicians Network on Facebook (yes, it can be a force for good, too) brought Mark and Martie to the idea of a collaboration.

The online connection also brought in Bryan Frates, born in New England and destined to remain here, on acoustic guitar and vocals. A singer-songwriter and music teacher with a degree in rhetoric, Bryan got a little push in high school from friends and (indirectly) from Scott Weiland. Covering Plush in high school was the launching pad for him and his Martin — both frequent guests on stages across southern Maine. Bryan hosts a Songwriter Showcase and brings diverse musical influences to the band, rooted in rock and country but branching out to hip-hop, R&B, and jazz.

Mark recruited Derek Mills to be part of the new project. A kid from the County, Derek was the longtime drummer for Gunther Brown alongside Mark. Derek’s musical influences include Americana, country, and his dog Griffin. He provides the solid vertebrae that allows the band to thrive, while providing us with a platform to elevate the emotional dynamic of the music.

Rounding out the membership is Josh Denk on bass. Recruited by Mark presumably because of his ability to pick out parts ranging from “Take Five” to “Mr. Roboto,” Josh played with Mark in Bullyclub before putting music on hold for a period and waiting for the right moment to re-engage. Josh’s influences include new wave, 90s indie rock, and the estimable Bob’s Burgers soundtrack, so when it gets weird, you can blame him.

Look for Reveler to bring our talents and our suitably loud noises to a stage near you starting in late 2021. And keep your eyes peeled for new recorded material that will live here alongside Martie’s previous recordings. We look forward to meeting you.

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